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the hour has passed and a choice was made. Every vet that was involved all had the same input. Remove the limb. I had to swallow my emotion and tuck them down where I could hear them. I say the words even though it’s killing me inside “remove the limb”.

I made a choice that I would never have allowed anyone to make for me and went against my own personal views. When I was serving I made it know that if I was to be part of a incident where I lost a limb I was to be left alone. I would rather bleed out than continue on missing a part of myself. Selfishly I did something to my best freind I wouldn’t want to live with.

during the surgery it occurred to me I needed to call the vets office to convey that her limb was not to be sent to a school or donated to science or anything along those lines. If that was their plan they were wrong and I would be collecting the limb and bringing it home to bury. That is part of Chloe it is hers and no one was to defile part of her or what belonged to her.

After the surgery I received the call that Chloe did fine and the surgery went over well. I was assured the limb would only be touched by pathology then delt with respectfully and that the surgeon understood my concerns and agreed.

I wanted to be there with Chloe but the surgeon didn’t want anyone there directly after surgery to ensure everything stayed steril and Chloe was able to stabilize and start recovering.

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One Response to “July 17th the choice to remove”

  1. superkylie said:

    I hope you find peace with your choice and I hope that you take the time to review all the wonderful amazing stories & videos on this site of dogs who lived full and happy lives after amputation. My girl still ran around and played with her friends and climbed stairs and swam all on 3 legs & rocked life for another 10 months and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. Her quality of life was amazing & she no longer limped in pain & that’s all that mattered to us. Chloe is beautiful & I wish her a safe & speedy recovery with tons of love & kisses. Please post in the forums for support & questions, people here really care & have been through it and want to help xo

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