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First thing in the morning we arrived back the vet to meet with the ortho surgeon to see what can be done to repair the break.

this is the point when it is reviled to us that the break looks terrible and it is suspected the screws and a plate may not be a viable option because the bone looks very soft. So the fear is it will not hold up and heal over the recovery time that would be expected with the break and repair. The possibility of cancer is discussed and it seems all the staff are on the same page when it comes to reviewing the films.

it is at this time the words amputation are first spoken. The worst sentence I have ever heard. To me amputation is a death sentence. I refuse to let anyone take one of my limb and would die before one was removed from me. So how is that I make a choice about removing a limb from my little girl. She uses that paw that’s attached to that limb for everything. She holds her bones to chew on them she sits and pulls your hand into her so you touch her. It is a important part of her as is every little piece of her.

i have about a hour to make a choice. Remove the limb or try a risky repair that may not work and cause prolonged pain. I know the logical thing is have the limb removed to be safe. But how do you explain when she come to after where her leg went. Or how do I explain how I could let someone take her limb. All I can do is accept the blame for the mirror falling and for being selfish enough to take her limb permently and willfully disfiguring one of the most important beings in my world.


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2 Responses to “July 17th 2017 the descion”

  1. rikntracy said:

    I completely get it. When the vet said our only option (before we found radiation) was amputation, I was almost offended that he would even suggest such a thing! I blurted out through tears that I would never do something like that to Zato. Then this whole journey began!

    I can see part of Chloe’s beautiful face. I love her pretty brindle coat :). Can’t wait to hear the rest of her story so far!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  2. schlomo said:

    I am so sorry you find yourself here. Nobody wants to be here BUT when faced with a decision like yours and the aftermath I find this community to be invaluable. People will be with you every step of the way.

    I had similar thoughts. We’re about 4 weeks post op now and I still have them. Schlomo would use his right front paw as a hand to make me keep petting him or pushing my hand in the right direction. He can’t do that anymore but I still feel it. When I pet him behind the ear now I can still feel where his paw would go and I tell him. There is a different way of communicating now but I hear him.

    I hope you find peace in making the right decision for you guys. Whichever one that is for you.

    Sending strength your way.

    Mascha & Schlomo

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