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July 16th 2017 the break

July 19, 2017

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At around 9:30pm after everyone had settled in for the evening the delivery guy arrived at the front door with the food order. Both Chloe and Winston went on the usual route of barking and carrying on at the front door.

I stepped out onto the porch to retrieve the order from the delivery guy. In between closeing the door and pulling out my wallet a loud crash happened followed a shrill scream of pain. I opened the door leaving my wallet on the porch to see what had happened. Chloe was on the floor by her mom and in notable pain and broken mirror lay on the floor by the door.

When we speak about Chloe in conjunction with pain it’s know to me that it has to be a extreme amount of pain to phase her. She is built like a brick shithouse and often seems impervious to pain. In 8 years she has only screamed in pain two times. This instance and few years earlier when she tore her acl.

fastforowed and we are in the car on the way to the emergency vet. The vet on staff takes x rays and confirms she had a break in humerous. The surgeon is sent a picture of the x ray and almost immediately ¬†she doesn’t like the look of the break.

Chloe is checked in and get a private run and pain medication to make her comfortable while we wait till morning for the surgeon.


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